Molokai, known affectionately as “The Friendly Isle,” enjoys a largely consistent climate year-round. This island’s weather is marked by mild temperatures and moderate humidity, with daily averages around a pleasant 75º F (24º C), making it a welcoming destination throughout the seasons.

Temperature Molokai’s temperatures fluctuate only slightly between seasons, ensuring a consistently enjoyable atmosphere. Daytime temperatures typically fall between the mid-70s and mid-80s Fahrenheit (24-29º C). Nights and early mornings are cooler, sometimes dipping into the upper 60s (around 20º C), especially during winter.

Rainfall and Humidity Molokai’s diverse topography significantly influences its weather patterns, especially when comparing the island’s eastern and western regions. The East Molokai Mountains dominate the eastern side, bringing more rainfall and fostering lush, tropical vegetation.

  • Eastern Molokai: This area receives over 300 inches (760 cm) of rain annually in higher elevations, resulting in a humid, verdant environment with dense forests and waterfalls.
  • Western Molokai: In contrast, the western side is much drier, receiving less than 20 inches (50 cm) of rain per year, characterized by dry grasslands and sparsely vegetated plains.

Trade Winds Northeast trade winds play a crucial role in shaping Molokai’s climate. These winds moderate temperatures and bring occasional showers to the windward (northeastern) side, while the leeward (southwestern) side, protected by mountains, remains drier.

Seasonal Variations Molokai experiences two main seasons:

  • Summer (Kau): From May to October, temperatures range from 78-85º F (25-29º C). This season is drier, especially in the western regions.
  • Winter (Hooilo): From November to April, temperatures are cooler, ranging from 73-80º F (23-27º C). Rainfall increases, particularly in the east, enhancing the lush landscapes.

Ocean Conditions Ocean conditions around Molokai vary with the seasons. Summer brings calm, warm waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling, while winter sees higher surf on northern and western shores, perfect for surfing.

In essence, Molokai offers inviting weather year-round, with a harmonious blend of sunshine, moderate temperatures, and diverse landscapes shaped by its unique geography. Whether exploring the lush eastern valleys or enjoying the sunlit western beaches, Molokai provides an ideal climate for a memorable Hawaiian adventure.